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MSP was founded in October 2006 after carefully studying mistakes done by other entertainment companies whereby some of their past events and promotional campaigns were unsuccessful because of improper planning, control, leading and organizing.

MSP is a young and dynamic marketing, entertainment and event management services expert entity, which is the culmination of a vision spanning over many years. The vision was to create a respectable black initiated professional multi-disciplinary event management offer and full equipment hire.

Why You Need MSP
Business Ethics
One of our core values is to conduct business in an ethical and transparent manner.This being an espoused value of the organization has also been adopted as a guiding principle for the organization.
Vision & Technology
To be the most Black reliable service provider with value added marketing, entertainment and event management solution firm.
Customers Journey
Before the creative process begins, we need to unpack your vision. We need to get to know you and what makes you tick so that we can co-design the best experience to bring your ideas to life.
Masia sound
Breaking Life Into Special Events

For over 14 years, Masia Sound Productions has been producing successful social, corporate and special events

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Our Strengths & Commitments

Our Strengths

Due to the passion, culture and attitude of our dedicated and dynamic team, we have been able to achieve and master the following core strategies.Cutting costly wastes in operations, which allows lowered prices to customers, putting pressure on competitors. High degree of flexibility; in order to cater for shifting requirements and last minute changes. We are aware that in the business world of today customers want delay-free.

Our Commitments

MSP commits itself to providing practical and constructive effective service within reasonable short period of time at affordable consulting fees and we appreciate the growing complexities of business transactions. We take time to understand our clients, their business culture and needs. The firm supports initiatives taken by the Government aimed at encouraging the previously disadvantaged individuals to take part in transforming and developing the country and its economy.
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