Our services

Full event Planning, Artists Management, All Event Equipment Hire


Equipment Hire

speakers, microphones, amps, cdjs, mixers, cabling, smoke machines, lighting, screens, generators, stretchtents, stages, fencing, vip furniture


Our Clients

Clover S.A, SAB Miller, ABI, Vaal University of Technology, University of Johannesburg, Tshwane University of Technology, University of Limpopo( Medunsa Campus), University of Limpopo (Turfloop Campus)


Our strengths

  • Due to the passion, culture and attitude of our dedicated and dynamic team, we have been able to achieve and master the following core strategies:
  • Cutting costly wastes in operations, which allows lowered prices to customers, putting pressure on competitors.
  • High degree of flexibility; in order to cater for shifting requirements and last minute changes.
  • Quick response. We are aware that in the business world of today customers want delay-free
  • Service and quick response to changing environments.
  • Little or no variability, we are aware that customers expect consistency; the ideal is zero deviation from targeted or expected results.

Our Commitments

  • MSP commits itself to providing practical and constructive effective service within reasonable short period of time at affordable consulting fees and we appreciate the growing complexities of business transactions.
  •  We take time to understand our clients, their business culture and needs.
  • The firm supports initiatives taken by the Government aimed at encouraging the previously disadvantaged individuals to take part in transforming and developing the country and its economy.

Vision & Technology

To be the most Black reliable service provider with value added marketing, entertainment and event management solution firm.


At MSP we understand the importance of Information Technology therefore we constantly update and invest in programs and systems which are aligned with worldwide best practices that will cater for the client’s needs.



  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Client satisfaction
  • Business efficiency
  • Ethics, and Discipline

Business Ethics

One of our core values is to conduct business in an ethical and transparent manner. This being an espoused value of the organization has also been adopted as a guiding principle for the organization.


  • To be preferred service provider in South Africa and other outside countries, through pricing and quality service.
  • To create part-time and permanent jobs for the community through Events ,promotions & Marketing campaigns and developing skills on sound engineering, PR and Marketing fields.
  • To bridge the value chain gap between the artists and the client.
  • To develop and implement experiences that will ensure that the Brand is accommodated in the consumers’ minds.
  • To bridge the gap between the consumers and the Brand

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