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Welcome to Masia Sound Productions

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  • MSP was founded in October 2006 after carefully studying mistakes done by other entertainment companies whereby some of their past events and promotional campaigns were unsuccessful because of improper planning, control, leading and organizing.
  • MSP is a young and dynamic marketing, entertainment and event management services expert entity, which is the culmination of a vision spanning over many years. The vision was to create a respectable black initiated professional multi-disciplinary event management offer and full equipment hire.
  • In pursuance of this vision, MSP combined its expertise with a network of well-established service providers and professionals under an agreement of strategic co-operation. The result of these collaborations was the formation of strategic alliances under the banner of MSP.
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  • These synergies saw a consolidation of expertise that spans across the Marketing and events solutions. The emphasis is on total cost-effective project management solutions. Our long-standing involvement and participation in many projects in the entertainment industry, has equipped MSP with the necessary skills and expertise to embark on these types of projects independently.
  • We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling the customer’s needs through excellence of service. To build a spirit of interdependence between the customer and us, thereby encouraging a sustainable business relationship.
  • Our strategies are based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s business therefore ensuring that all our work is under-pinned by a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business. The execution is based on in-depth research and practices to ensure the best cost-effective solution for the client.